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Property Styling

Style Sells!

Obtain maximum potential value for your property. With our furniture and accessories designed to create an ambience that buyers will find irresistable and with our unlimited resources we can transform your property into a desirable asses.

With multiple levels of service available, our team can compile a package specifically created to meet your needs.

Whether you only require a few 'wow factor' pieces to accentuate your existing furniture, or to furnish an entire house, or even offering a complete package including installation and setup attending the property just prior to 'open house' to add fresh flowers to create an ambient atmosphere to ensure everything is immaculate for viewing. Our team of professionals are ready to assist you in any way.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment.

Coogee House

Coogee HouseCoogee HouseCoogee HouseCoogee HouseCoogee HouseCoogee HouseCoogee House

Coogee Townhouse

Coogee TownhouseCoogee TownhouseCoogee Townhouse  

Coogee Apartment 1

Coogee Apartment 1Coogee Apartment 1   

Coogee Apartment 2

Coogee Apartment 2Coogee Apartment 2 src=